Making functional programming click

In wrote an article over on my medium page about understanding the ideas of functional programming through javascript. Read it now!

16-Bit VM in javascript

A little while ago I started working on a 16 bit virtual machine running in node. I'd been watching these amazing series of videos from Ben Eater about how he build a fully functional 8 bit computer from scratch, and wanted to see if I could put into practice some of the things I'd learned.... Continue Reading →

Euclids Carpet

Euclid's carpet is the best name I could come up with for the interference pattern that emerges when you take a series of regularly spaced shapes in a grid and grow them while keeping the center point the same. When I first starting playing with this idea I just used circles. They usually produce quite nice... Continue Reading →

Waves from images

Some time ago I came across a gif of a torus which was made of a bunch of waves. In the gif non empty space corresponded to larger amplitudes and frequencies, and it had a really cool overall effect. Unfortunately I cannot find the original image, but I was really inspired to try and figure out... Continue Reading →

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